Ambassador Training Program

Do you want your employees to act like employees?

Or do you want them to act like Ambassadors?

What is the Ambassador Program?

At United we’ve come up with a comprehensive training program – a program that not only trains employees how to do their jobs, it trains them how to be Ambassadors for your hotel, your city, and your brand by teaching them how to talk to the guest.

How do we do that?

We believe that creating loyalty starts with engagement. So we’re putting ‘hospitality’ back in hospitality training. We will train your employees on how to talk to guests, how to resolve guest issues before they escalate, and how to create award-winning hotels. And more importantly, how to SELL your hotel and get guests coming back again and again!

Do you provide reservations training?

Yes! Did you know that even in today’s Internet-savvy world, nearly every hotel has at least one-third to one-half of their reservations created right at the front desk? That’s why we believe reservation training is absolutely critical. Every level of our training program includes reservation training for your employees that trains the employee how to talk to the guest, how to capture the reservation, and how to up-sell to suites and packages. We then provide on-going monitoring and recorded mystery shop calls at your hotel (10 per month minimum) and send the recorded calls directly to you and/or your manager for review. This ensures that the program is implemented and maintained. It is absolutely crucial that front desk agents are properly trained on an ongoing basis on how to actually capture these reservations.

Don’t my employees already get training from the brand?

Not really. Brands have required training programs for managers. But they rarely train front-line employees, which is where loyalty and guest scores are actually created. And often managers don’t have the time or the skills necessary for on-going training classes at the property. That’s where we come in. We come directly to your hotel and train your employees on an ongoing basis on how to do their jobs and interact with the guests.

You said you come directly to the hotel and train my employees. So are the visits included in the price?

YES! Unlike other training companies, we don’t charge extra for hotel visits. We believe that training sticks when employees are engaged in actual class settings. The only thing we may ask of you is an occasional hotel room for our trainer to offset the cost of travel.

What makes you qualified to teach my employees?

Because we know what it takes to WIN! In fact, we’ve done it! All trainers have won the coveted Torchbearer awards at their properties and managed multiple hotels. Tim Freeman is a former Area Manager and internal consultant for IHG who has extensive experience in training both managers and line-level employees. Let us bring that experience and knowledge DIRECTLY to your people!

Okay, so what are the classes, and how much does all this cost?

We have a price list below that includes all three packages that we currently offer. Packages 1 and 2 revolve around on-going reservations training. What sets us apart from the competition is that other companies charge for in-person trainings with your employees (typically $2,500-$3,000 per session). Our on-going, in-person training is INCLUDED IN THE PRICE! As is the front desk individualized script creation and on-going mystery call shopping for your hotel delivered right to your email. The difference between Package 1 and Package 2 is the frequency of training visits (yearly vs. quarterly). We recommend Package 2 in order to have the most engaged employees possible. The difference is $50 per month.

Package 3 is a COMPREHENSIVE, ON-GOING, and INTENSIVE training program for hotels that involves not only everything the first two packages offer for reservations training, but also once-monthly, rotating trainings with employees in all different departments of your hotel. It trains on Service, Security, Front Desk Revenue Management, Housekeeping Cleanliness, Emergency Preparedness, Sales, and other topics. It aims to ensure that every employee in every department is knowledgeable and engaged on an ongoing basis. And yes, it trains them how to actually talk to the guests and be AMBASSADORS in every situation! And as always, ALL visits to the hotel are included in the price.

Below are our current packages and pricing:

Package 1:  Includes reservations script implementation, ongoing mystery call shopping emailed to the manager, new hire packets to ensure continuity of the program with employee turnover, and a once-yearly fun, interactive class with role-playing, competitor shopping, and prizes. $345/mo.

Package 2:  Includes reservations script implementation, ongoing mystery call shopping emailed to the manager, new hire packets to ensure continuity of the program with employee turnover, and a once-quarterly fun, interactive class with role-playing, competitor shopping, and prizes. $395/mo.

Package 3:  Includes the script implementation, ongoing mystery call shopping emailed to the manager, new hire packets to ensure continuity of the program with employee turnover, and MONTHLY TRAINING CLASSES, rotating through each of our fun, interactive classes, including the reservations script training, for a holistic approach to employee training and revenue and service management.  $695/mo.

Monthly, Rotating Package 3 Training Classes Currently Include:

  • Ambassador Front Desk Reservations (this class also offered yearly in Package 1 or quarterly in Package 2)
  • Ambassador Front Desk Revenue Management
  • Ambassador Emergency Preparedness (Emergency Reports, power outages, fail-safe keys, tornado procedures, etc.)
  • Ambassador Sales:  How to talk to prospective clients
  • Ambassador Sales:  How to organize a sales department (for limited-service hotels)
  • Ambassador  Guest Engagement for Housekeeping and Maintenance Employees
  • Ambassador Housekeeping Cleanliness (with housekeepers and HH)
  • Ambassador Service at the Front Desk

Interesting. How long is each class?

Great question! That’s up to you. Classes can be as long as 6 hours, but we recommend 1.5-3 hours at a minimum in order to thoroughly keep the employees engaged.

If I have multiple hotels geographically near one another, can I combine classes?

Absolutely! Classes can be combined. However, in order to get the same level of support and training, we highly suggest having at least the level 1 package at each hotel.

Is there a contract? And can I cancel at any time?

We have a simple agreement that is month-to-month. Hotels can cancel at any time. But we think you’ll want to keep it going!

Great! How do I sign up?

That’s the easy part! Just send an email to:
[email protected]

We’ll send you an agreement and we’ll get started right away!

Once you’ve done that, CONGRATULATIONS! You have stated turning your regular old employees into AMBASSADORS for your Hotel! Soon will come the training and the fun part!

Some of our Services

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  • Hotel Staff Training and Support